4-Credit Online Course on Instructional Design

About the Course:

Department of Educational Technology is proudly announcing its Online Course in Instructional Design.

It is observed that the process of learning in twenty-first century is gearing toward Open and Distance learning. Immense and fast track development in Information Technology has made it easier to fulfill this movement. Many Universities and Educational Organizations are offering online courses and programs. This has led to the need for Instructional Designers who will plan online instruction in the most effective and efficient way.

Our experience in this field has prompted us to offer this Online Course in Instructional Design. The planned 4-credit course in Instructional Design is a stand-alone course which aims at providing overview of ID and skills of preparing an Instructional Design and story board.

Department plans to continue offering 16 more courses of 4-credits in various areas of Instructional Design. These courses will lead to Diploma in Instructional Design (with 24 credits), Advance Diploma in Instructional Design (32 credits) and Master in Instructional Design (64 credits, only to graduate women participants).

The course aims at strengthening the skills of Instructional Designing of those who are already working as Instructional Designers, and at preparing others to enter into the e-learning industries as Instructional Designer. There is a very heavy demand for Instructional designers not only in India but worldwide.

Admission Procedure

Course: Sept 10 – Dec 23, 2017

Last date for enrolling for the course is August 31, 2017. Application Forms may be submitted through e-mail (det@sndt.ac.in) on or before August 26, 2017 for checking eligibility for admission. We’ll resond your email confirming your eligibility for the course. Once we confirm eligibility for the admission through e-mail, please courier the signed form with photocopies of final degree (graduation or post-graduation) mark-sheet and certificate, marriage certificate for women if change in name, attested by Head of an academic institution for office records.

Preference will be given to those working in e-learning industries as Instructional Designer/Content writer/ Instructional Project Manager/Multimedia Designer as well as teachers in Educational Institutions.

ID Course Committee reserves all rights related to selection of participants.


INR 10000 (Individuals residents of India)

INR 7000 (Participants working on permanent position in a recognized teaching-training institute, ie schools, colleges and University departments)

Fees are five times multiple for foreign participants and three times multiple for participants from SARK countries.

Mode of Payment:

A Demand Draft for Rs. 10000/- in favour of Department of Educational Technology, SNDT Women’s University payable at Mumbai. The DD should reach the Department on or before August 31, 2017. Please send DD only after receiving our confirmation e-mail.


It is a 4 credits (60 hrs) course with the duration Sept 10 – Dec 23, 2017.

Starting Date: Sept 10, 2017

End Date: Dec 23, 2017

Instructional Design: 4-Credit Course

Curriculum (Structure)

  • Week 1: Introduction (of the course, Instructor and participants)
  • Week 2 to 11: Modules 1 to 10
    1. What is Instructional Design?
    2. Models of Instructional Design
    3. Learner Analysis
    4. Content and Context Analysis
    5. Instructional Objectives
    6. Psychological Bases of Learning
    7. Evaluation Strategies
    8. Instructional Strategies and Instructional Media
    9. Evaluation of Instructional Design
    10. Instructional Design Document
  • Week 12: Project work on Preparation of ID document
  • Week 13 and 14: Submission of final ID document
  • Week 15: Final written test (Online) and Evaluation
  • Week 17: Declaration of Result Participants will receive Certificate mentioning Grade on successful completion of the course.

Instructional Mode:

The course is offered through Online Learning Management System. Online course modules will be uploaded every week, which can be read online. Participant is expected to devote minimum of 6 hours every week. Participation in weekly chats (Saturday evenings/Sunday mornings) and writing on Discussion Forums every week is mandatory and counts towards the grades. It is assumed that the participant has internet facility at home and can work on every weekend.

Who can join?

Graduate from a recognized University from any discipline.
Diploma holder (minimum 3-year Diploma) with at least 1 year work experience in e-learning as Instructional Designer/Content Writer/Graphic
Designer/Technical writer.

Application Form :